Largest Fashion Academics Conference- IFFTI announces India as Destination Next

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Published: 09th February 2012
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Come March 2012 and India will see celebrated international designers, style gurus and fashion educationists from across the globe make a gala touchdown! An official ceremony today announced the 14th Annual Conference of International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) to be held in India in 2012. Beginning 17 March 2012, the five- daylong event will be hosted by Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur. IFFTI is a leading international forum catering to issues affecting the fashion industry and markets and has evolved as the most important and predominantly influential annual event in Fashion Academics.
The theme of the IFFTI 2012 conference is ‘Fashion Beyond Borders’ which addresses issues such as multicultural identities, virtual connections, commercial opportunities, educational responses and many more. The conference will have leaders of the fashion world such as Yohji Yamamoto, Romeo Gigli, Simon Lock, Jeffry Aronsson, Rajeev Sethi, Manish Arora, Ram, Sareen, Christopher Sanderson, drawn from across all continents, presenting their thoughts and vision on the business of fashion. Think tanks in Design, Technology and Business of fashion from 40 member institutions of IFFTI representing 19 countries and large enterprises and institutes from India, will create an ideal forum for vibrant dialogue and idea creation.
Dr. Satoshi Onuma, Chairperson, IFFTI said “The first decade of the new millennium has exhibited certain interesting and significant trends. The idea of fashion has struck a universal chord with fashion weeks occurring across continents. Despite these global market trends, Fashion and Design haven’t quite evolved as mainstream career options in India. The fashion and design excellence being brought into India through IFFTI will place India on the global platform of fashion education.”

Dr. A.K.G. Nair, Group Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion said “It’s indeed a great honor to host the prestigious 14th Annual IFFTI Conference. The IFFTI 2012 conference will have industry representatives from all geographies, ensuring a cross-border exchange of fashion ideas and trends, thereby enriching all stakeholders. Recognizing the global interests of Indian fashion czars, the IFFTI 2012 conference will provide them an outstanding opportunity to showcase their brand and designs before an international audience.””
Over the past fourteen years, IFFTI has grown into the most comprehensive and prestigious international organization representing leading fashion higher education institutions in areas of design, technology and business. The foundation presently comprises 35 members from 19 countries.
About IFFTI:
Institutes of learning dedicated to the promotion of Fashion Education are growing in number in all parts of the world. Some of them have acquired name and fame chiefly on account of their commitment and dedication to the cause of the fashion industry. They have developed their own ethos focusing or concentrating upon one or more of the three broad streams of interest vital for the development of the industry. These streams are Design, Technology and Business. While developing an identity of their own, some of them have assiduously cultivated an international character which is at once secular as well as versatile, permitting free flow of thoughts and ideas and cross cultural streams belonging to diverse ethnic groups of the population. A Conference of leading international institutions, imparting education in fashion related subjects, was held in 1998, to deliberate on the idea of establishing an International Apex Body comprising leading International Fashion Education Institutions, to meaningfully help each other in upgrading their programmes, assist in bringing about sharp professionalism in the structure and operation of the industry in their countries, and above all, contribute towards the establishment of a framework of co-operation and collaboration vitally needed in the wake of liberalisation and integration of global trade in Textiles and Clothings under the auspices of WTO. The invitees to the conference unanimously supported the concept of establishing IFFTI. The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI) was registered as a Society on 14th October, 1999. Since then IFFTI has grown into the most comprehensive and prestigious international organisation representing leading fashion higher education institutions in areas of design, technology and business. The foundation presently comprises 35 members from 19 countries.
About Pearl Academy of Fashion:
Pearl Academy of Fashion was founded in 1993. It is a leading fashion and design education institute in India. Graduates of the Academy are highly sought after in the fashion and design industry, and a number of PAF alumni are in key positions at leading design houses and fashion companies worldwide. The Academy takes pride in its high caliber faculty, outstanding track record in student exchange, international networking and placements. Pearl Academy has three campuses located in Delhi, Jaipur and Chennai. The institution’s website can be found at:
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